Stadiums, Hotels, Public Places

Entertainment is part of modern life, so most of us love to watch live events – concerts, sports – in stadiums, arenas, or visit theme & amusement parks. We also enjoy going out with family and friends for vacations, or dine out in hotels. These places pose security challenges, as thousands of people are gathered in one place, and offer easy and high profile targets to terrorists seeking media glare. A comprehensive security strategy is necessary to meet these challenges, demanding high security and safety at these public places.

Protection Solutions:

There is a need to establish an effective security strategy that extends your reach from the perimeter, to the inner tier of the facility. This solution should combine various security elements, such as vehicle access control, IP video surveillance, crowd management, access control, and so on. After a threat analysis, BGI offers a complete protection plan of the premises.

On offer are a vast range of security solutions from BGI . These include – vehicle barriers such as bollards, road blockers, and crash barriers for ensuring high security against vehicle-borne attacks. For crowd control, and regulating the movement of personnel – turnstiles, tripods, flap and swing barriers, offer efficient and cost-effective solutions. These systems can be integrated with access control systems such as UHF tags, QR code scanners, fingerprint scanners, and others.