Military and Borders

Military establishments are constantly under threat from inimical forces; therefore, the assets which go into protecting their citizens against hostility, both at home and across international borders, need to be protected against multifarious threats. To ensure fool proof and stringent security and protection measures, professionals are needed to design and implement projects, and assets, from threats and attacks.

BGI Engitech are leaders in the field of perimeter protection, and ‘access control’; with know-how from Israel, the Company has a reputation of executing multi-dimensional security solutions. The Company has designed and executed protection for military bases and critical facilities in Israel, India & African countries, most of which have large expansive boundaries.

Solution insight:

Protection of perimeters of military bases, air fields, and naval ports is critical. The basics of most security vulnerabilities start with perpetrators finding relatively small security oversights, although security vulnerabilities can come in endless shapes and sizes. The crucial first step attackers use to exploit, often come from a few specific areas, e.g. entry and exit points! These need to be secured with high-security systems.

Importantly, with the rise of vehicle borne terrorist attacks, BGI has developed a range of perimeter security solutions, these have been crash tested, and comply with international standards. BGI arms military customers with the ability to efficiently and effectively protect their high-value assets. Our products play a crucial role to keep attackers at bay.

The products can be used, either in a stand-alone mode, or deployed in multiple modes, contingent on security scenario. Solutions are customised as per site requirements. Additionally, our products can be easily integrated with variety of access control systems using programmable logic units – PLCs.