Heritage Buildings, Temples, Museums, Palaces

India is a country with a rich heritage spanning millennia; these treasures need to be preserved for present & future generations. The cultural heritage of the Country – Temples, Holy shrines, Palaces, Monuments, Forts, etc, therefore, need to be preserved and protected against hostile elements. These places attract, both domestic and international tourists I large numbers. These places therefore, become attractive targets for terrorism and hostile attacks.

After a thorough threat assessment, it is important that we deploy suitable perimeter security, and access control measures as safeguards to protect our religious, cultural, and heritage treasures,.

Protection Solutions:

To reduce these risks, physical security, screening, CCTV/ IP surveillance, as well as access control systems should be mandatory. These should be installed for both vehicles and personnel, at the entrances, to screen and control visitors.
For ensuring security BGI anti-ramming products, such as crash rated bollards, road blockers, and crash barriers, provide excellent protection to these high-security zones against vehicle bound attacks.

To ensure effective crowd control barriers – such as tripods, turnstiles, flap barriers, swing barriers, etc. should be installed for smooth, & controlled flow of people. BGI products for vehicle control, and safety barriers can easily be integrated with a vast range of access control systems, like UHF tags, biometrics, etc.