Case Studies of Projects Designed, Executed, & Installed by BGI Engitech – India

Project Details

Securing Military Installations

BGI systems have been installed at many of the installations of the Armed Forces, across the country. Some of these include Military Stations entry/ exits, Ammunition Depots, Naval Bases, Air Force Stations, and many others.

These bases and installations are being secured by Bollards, Tyre Killers, & Road blockers. Our systems have been integrated with the other surveillance systems providing security, through the use of programmable logic controllers.

After a detailed and deliberate ’threat analysis’, the layout of the security plan was discussed with Officials concerned, on the basis of which a security layout plan was finalised. Thereafter, the perimeter security systems were customised, manufactured and installed, based on site requirements.

Government Facilities

Our Company has been chosen to secure a large number of Central Government Offices, R&D facilities, other sensitive Government facilities. These installations have been executed pan-India, from the North in J & K, to the Eastern States in the country.

For these buildings / campuses/ facilities the systems that have been installed, include Bollards, Boom barriers, Tyre killers, and turnstiles. These have been based on the Customers threat assessment.

Police Head Quarters

Police Headquater

In UP and Rajasthan, our Company was selected by the State Police Departments, after due diligence, to secure the entry/ exits by installing bollards and boom barriers.

These systems ensure safety and security, as also blend with ambience of the sites.

Securing Religious Places, Temples, and Heritage Monuments

Golden Temple project

Historic Street leading to The Golden Temple

BGI has the unique distinction of securing the holiest Sikh shrine – The Golden Temple, Amritsar, by installing automatic and fixed bollards on all approaches to the Temple.

A famous Temple of Mumbai is also secured by our systems.

Charminar Hyderabad

For controlling traffic, and making this heritage property – CHARMINAR, into a pedestrian plaza, and vehicle free Zone, the GHMC has selected BGI to install both automatic, and fixed bollards. These are currently under way as a part of this project. The bollards have been customised to blend with the architectural colour scheme of the monument.

Securing perimeter of leading IT Company Campus.

BGI was contracted by TCS – a leading IT Company for securing seven exit/entrances of their Company Campuses pan-India in the last five years, or so. After a detail survey, and in consultation with the management of TCS, detailed designs and recommendations were submitted for final approval.

Today, BGI has the proud privilege of having installed the below mentioned products for securing their premises. This is a testimony to the quality, reliability, and robustness of these products. The systems provided are integrated with other access control measures installed by that company, and are duly programmed to function accordingly:

  • Crash rated Bollards – provide protection against ramming/ unauthorised access vehicles.
  • Boom Barriers – ensure control and regulation of vehicular traffic.
  • Tyre Killers / shredders – these spikes help to immobilise vehicles by damaging tyres.

BGI continues to provide comprehensive quarterly/ annual maintenance at all the locations ensuring high serviceability of all systems installed.

Industrial Security

Many Industries across the Country have selected BGI, to help secure their premises. For control and attendance marking of employees, Turnstiles/ Tripods, Flap barriers, and Swing gates have been installed. These systems are installed for regulating and controlling human traffic; and Boom barriers and Bollards to control vehicular traffic.

These include IFFCO, ABB, Nayara Energy, Amman Apollo, AIA Engineering, ESSAR, TATA Hitachi, British Council, TEVA Pharma (now P&G), amongst others.

Oil Refineries, Oil Storage farms and Pipeline facilities

Oil refineries, and Fuel storage farms are extremely sensitive facilities, where multi-millions worth of crude oil/ fuel is refined, or stored. BGI has partnered with IOCL and BPCL to secure their refinery and Bulk oil storage farms in multiple locations in Gujarat, Rajasthan, and West Bengal.

The systems installed largely include Bollards and Boom barriers for vehicle control. For regulating employee & visitors, tripod turnstiles, and flap barriers have been deployed.

Securing Hotel premises


BGI has been selected by numerous luxury Hotels across the Country to secure the entrances and exits of their iconic properties, to guard against hostile attacks. Amongst the hotels being secured by our Company, the names that are worthy of mention are – ITC, Taj Mahal Palace, Taj Santacruz, Taj Bangalore, Holiday Inn Aerocity, The Park Plaza, Crowne Plaza Jaipur, and many others.

BGI has installed both Bollards, and Boom barriers to secure entry, and ensure traffic control at the premises. In some Hotels, crash rated barriers have also been installed, as per customer requirements.

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