Product Details

The unique and innovative S1000 spike system was developed with the specific aim of bringing a vehicle to a halt without harming passengers. Designed to rip tires apart and even withstand the latest generation of run-flat tires, the S1000 has been proven in the field as a particularly effective solution for border crossings and locations where vehicles pass at high speed.

Pneumatically operated and typically synchronized with a light arm barrier, the S1000 system comprises a set of hollow spikes which cross the entire width of the lane. When the barrier is down, the spikes are locked in the raised position and when the barrier is raised, the spikes are lowered into the ground allowing cars to pass over safely.

The hollow spikes have been engineered to ensure that a vehicle will be disabled irrespective of the approach direction. The height and width of the spikes have been specifically designed to rip apart both small private vehicle tires and large commercial vehicle tires. Even run-flat tires which use either the solid wall or wheel band method, are similarly disabled by this system which is particularly ruthless in its ability to shred a tire and damage the wheel.

Suitable for all weather conditions, the spike system incorporates a self-cleaning mechanism and drainage.

Product Specification

Name Description
Mobile/ Fixed Fixed
Mechanism Hydraulic
System Type Active 2-way spikes, Hollow
Length of the block Up to 6000mm (can be customized, min. 1000mm)
Height of Spike above block 80mm (max.)
Foundation 700mm
Vehicle Load 25 ton
Operation Time 1 - 5 sec.
Operating Temperature -15 to +60 °C
Power Supply 415 VAC 50 Hz (3-Phase)
Safety Features Photo sensors, loop detectors, etc. (Optional)
Finish Treatment Zinc coating (inside out) & Anti-corrosion Treatment
Control Panel Control Panel (IP66) Lockable
In Case of Power Failure Manual handle available in HPU for up and down movements
Accumulator (Optional) Customized Accumulator for 4 - 5 cycles

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