About BGI Tyre Killer / Spike System

BGI Tyre-Killers are high-security vehicle access control systems, installed to protect an installation against hostile entry / exit of vehicles. These tyre-killers, or spikes are designed to secure the perimeter of sensitive areas such as military bases, government buildings, airports, banks, embassies etc. against forced and unauthorized entry of motor vehicles.

BGI tyre-killers deploy rapidly, the spikes rise in a couple of seconds from the road surface. The tyres of the unauthorized vehicles are definitely punctured / shredded, when forced entry is attempted. The rim of the vehicle wheel, and in some cases the axle will also be damaged.

Our tyre-killers are available in various models; these can be surface mounted, or within a shallow trench. Both one-way and two-way spikes of varied lengths are manufactured. The diversity of options available, enables these ‘spikes’ to be widely applicable for a multitude of applications. The built-in hydraulic unit makes this product suitable for installations in severe climatic conditions, as well as for projects which require large distances between the controlling unit and the blocking segment.

Our tyre killers, or, spike barriers, tire shredders / killers, (vehicle blockers, road spikes, roadway spikes), offer a cost-effective solution for prevention of forced entry.

Why choose Us!

  • Technology from Israel.
  • Manufactured in-House.
  • Available in various types and sizes.
  • Prevent unauthorized access.
  • PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) controlled.
  • Easy to integrate with access control systems.
  • Reliable & Durable.

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