About BGI Swing Barrier

BGI Swing Gates are an ideal solution for pedestrian access control into complexes, both commercial, and military. These are, both visually pleasing and provide good security. Our speed gates are reliable and suitable for every environmental condition; and, can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications such as at airports, metro stations, banks, museums, entertainment centres, commercial complexes, corporate buildings, etc.

Our swing barriers are made from stainless steel (SS), and use motorised mechanism. These barriers provide fast, robust and durable performance combined with a slim and elegant design. Our swing turnstiles are equipped with SS housing, LED indicators, glass top and side panels, as well as optical sensors to prevent unauthorized access. The wings are made from safety tempered glass, polycarbonate, or metal tube as per our customer’s requirements.

BGI swing barriers can be integrated with various access control systems, including, biometrics, card readers, token system, coin system, remote control, push button, etc.

Our swing gates are bi-directional with 90° opening angle, towards each direction. In case of an emergency, the system opens the wings and indicators illuminates green LED. This feature can also be activated during power failures, using the built-in emergency battery backup.

Why choose Us!

  • Passageway: Standard 600mm, Wide 900mm.
  • Smooth operation with quick response.
  • Customized surface finish.
  • Sensors that allow to detect tailgating.
  • Safety features built-in to prevent persons from being trapped.
  • Disabled and trolley access.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Counting Function Available.
  • Audible sound prompt.
  • Invalid entering alarm.
  • Infrared Photocell Protection.
  • Illegal and reverse intrusion alarm.
  • Anti-trailing function.
  • Audible sound prompt.

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