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Automatic Mechanical Gate systems offer an ideal solution for large-sized entrances. These gates, are suitable for safeguarding industrial, commercial, military complexes, and other public conveniences, and offer foolproof security. These gates manufactured using high quality, tested steel provide reliable security, and work using superior quality, imported gate motors, which provide long term, low maintenance, and foolproof operations. The range of Automatic mechanical Gate range includes – Automatic Sliding Gates, Swing Gates, and Cantilever Gates.

Automatic Crash rated Gates: These gates are manufactured for customised applications, using high-quality steel; the gates are physically tested to provide the highest security against hostile attacks as per the DOS / ASTM / IDF tests as per specified standards for K4, K8, and K12 ratings. The working principle is the same as for sliding gates.

Cantilever Gate system: These gates have same arrangement as for sliding gates, which is suitable for safeguarding military, industrial, and commercial establishments, where the road surfaces are either rough, or sloping. The gate is made-up of quality, tested steel and works on the principle of heavy-duty carriages grouted and a sturdy/robust galvanized track that rolls on these carriages, this avoids the need for a bottom track.

Automatic Swing Gates: These gates work on a different principle of hinged ‘wings’, and are generally lighter in weight. They are custom designed, offer a simple mechanical operation using motors, which offer very high reliability. Easy to install, for these no rail/ track on the carriageway is required.

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