About BGI Full Height Turnstile

BGI Full-Height Turnstiles are ideal for pedestrian access control into secure areas. These turnstiles are used for, both outdoor and indoor applications, to control entry / exit by people to secure areas. These turnstiles will ensure the smooth flow of authorised, and can be programmed for both, automated, or manual control.

BGI full-height turnstiles are designed to fully enclose an opening to a secure area, and ensure an efficient and safe flow of people. The turnstiles offer bi-directional control, which allows flexibility in managing the flow of people and multiple concurrent passages, while maintaining the highest level of safety and security.

The turnstiles have an aesthetic modern design, and are manufactured to meet the highest standards, ensuring years of reliable operation, even in the most demanding installations with very high capacity flow.

These Full height security turnstiles are available in either, SS, or MS finishes, and are reliable for severe climatic conditions. The turnstiles can be integrated with any type of access control system.

Why choose Us!

  • Manufactured In-house.
  • Technology from Israel.
  • Aesthetically pleasing appearance.
  • Can be supplied in fully assembled condition, as well as in modular form.
  • Turnstile can be used as single, or bi-directional.
  • Easy to integrate with any type of Access Control System.
  • Low noise operation as well as low power consumption.
  • Fail safe, or fail secure, as per customer requirement.
  • Indoor/outdoor application.
  • Available in SS, or MS finish.

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