About BGI Flap Barrier

BGI Flap Barriers are designed for pedestrian entrance control. Our flap barriers are ideal for crowd control, and provide secure access to the areas with high pedestrian flow, such as stadiums, arenas, amusement parks, railway platforms, passenger terminals, corporate offices, IT parks, commercial complexes, retail stores, food parks, etc.

BGI Flap Barriers come with brushless DC motors and sliding blades. In addition, these include an anti-tailgating function. The sliding blades are made of glass, acrylic, or polycarbonate as per customer requirements. The flap barriers can be controlled by either, a push button, or via an access control system.

The housing material of the barriers are of heavy duty stainless steel, and LED direction indicators are in-built on each side; making them look aesthetically attractive. There are various operational options, such as, uni-directional, bi-directional, always free or always locked available in these flap barriers.

Why choose Us!

  • Reliable and Good performance.
  • Cost-effective, & economical.
  • Housing material: AISI 304 / 316 grade SS construction.
  • Protection Rating: IP44.
  • Tail gating alert.
  • Can be used for both entry & exit.
  • Configuration to single and multiple lanes enables efficient use of space.
  • Safety sensor prevents closing of flaps, ensuring pedestrian safety.
  • Automatic reset of flap barrier gate after each passage.
  • Energy-efficient, consumes less power.
  • Easily integrated with all types of access control devices.

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