Who Are We?

B.G Ilanit, Israel specializes in preventing terrorist attacks and ram raids (intrusions) by inimical vehicles. BGI Engitech, India is a subsidiary, which offers the same expertise in India.

The Company offers a line of security related solutions and products, suitable for military and civilian needs. The parent Company has over 28 years of knowledge and experience in the field of manufacturing and providing security solutions customised to meet client requirements. The products and services provided are of the highest international standards.

BGI has a professional and well-experienced Team that includes experts in hydraulics, pneumatics, and electrical control systems; and, a Team dedicated for customer service and support. The Company operates both in Israel, India, and provides services in other countries globally; and offers installation, service and consultation as per client requirements.

The Company lays special emphasis on combining strength with aesthetics. The products offered are strong, durable, robust, and provide the required protection levels; these are designed to blend with the surroundings.

The products have been developed and certified by experts in the field of security.

Core Values


Product innovation is a vital task, critical to meeting emerging threats. These will prove to be of great relevance for Defense, Government, modern economic centres and high value business that, need to be protected. The Company prides itself in being amongst the top most professionals in the security domain. Innovation, new product conception, development and customisation may well decide the destiny of the Enterprise. Our engineering experts are committed to develop the best security solutions to solve problems that were not envisaged before.

Engineering & Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance is best-in-class. We are extremely proud of how BGI consistently delivers the best quality, reliable and durable security products on time and cost-effective basis. We evaluate results not only against our goals, but also on standard quality metrics.


Installation is an extremely important part of our security products business. No matter how good the product, installation can either make or break the functioning of a system. Our Team of well trained and professional engineers are capable to ensure quality installation of the products, so that these function ‘snag free’. The Company dedicates a project manager to oversee the project, from inception to installation.


A well-maintained systems work for longer time. To ensure that our security systems work seamlessly with optimum efficiency, it is essential that these are well maintained and serviced periodically. Our Team of maintenance engineers look after your systems for your facility, and the Company provisions and supplies you with the requisite spare parts. Training of customer’s technicians is also ensured.